Ultimate Booty Builder

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    • Laser targets glutes
    • Lightweight - easy to move around
    • Collapsible - easy to store
    • Durable - made for everyday use
    • Safe to use & can hold up to 150kgs of resistance 
    • No assembly required

Always wanted that big, round booty but no amount of exercise seemed to help?

Don’t guess. Use The Booty Builder and see that growth. Gain impressive lower body strength at the same time. Look incredible in clothes! And it's a Portable Hip Thrust Glute Machine.


What Are The Best Butt Exercises? Introducing… The Booty Builder!

When the summer months start approaching, it’s natural to start fearing those first sunny days. Is your butt beach-ready?
You’re suddenly wondering: what are the best butt exercises?
And can I work out my glutes at home?
It used to be the case that a gym membership was essential if you wanted to make booty gains, but thanks to the Glute Machine, you’ve got a complete home workout tool that can sculpt your booty to perfection.
The Glute Machine is highly effective, super convenient, easy to use, and ridiculously affordable.

Ready to work your butt off?

How Do I Activate My Glutes

Activate your glutes before a workout with glute bridges and fire hydrants. By waking up your glutes, you lay the groundwork for maximum booty gains.
Not activating your glutes before a workout is one of the biggest mistakes people make in the gym and it leads to a flat butt and flattened dreams of the perfect booty. Because the glutes are surrounded by bigger muscles like quads and hamstrings, if you don’t activate your glutes before a workout they, lazily let their bigger cousins do the heavy lifting.

What Are The Best Glute Exercises?

  • Banded Hip Thrusts
  • Sumo Squats
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Hip Abductions
  • Single Leg Bridges
We go into some serious detail about the best technique for these exercises in our 8-Week Booty Gains Program, designed to help you fit your butt-busting workouts into your busy life.
Hip thrusts are the best exercise for your glutes and now they’re finally possible at home thanks to the Glute Machine.

Are Hip Thrusts Better Than Squats?

Hip thrusts are a glute and hamstring targeting workout and they’re a one-way ticket to making serious gains in your glutes.
So if you’re sick of doing hundreds of squats in the gym, you might be asking, “are hip thrusts really better than squats?” The good news is yes, hip thrusts put greater mechanical tension through the glutes and create the scope for bigger glute gains.
But you have to do them right.
Using our Glute Machine for banded hip thrusts, you can optimise resistance to the level you’re at, creating a perfect-to-the-pound workout that targets your glutes and helps you make the maximum gains.

The Best Booty Workout: The Glute Machine

So you’re asking how, “can I activate my glutes?”

And what are the best at-home glute exercises?

The Glute Machine has been designed to replace expensive equipment and costly gym memberships, giving you a super targeted butt workout you can do at home.
The Glute Machine brings a gym-quality workout into your home thanks to the ergonomic design and customizable resistance. It’s built to be completely safedurable, portable and collapsible, easy to use, and fun!
The glute machine works great whether you’re at the park, on the road in a hotel room, or in your friend’s living room. Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships (that you don’t use anyway!) and say hello to the best glute exercises you can do at home

How Do I Make Booty Gains?

When you buy the Glute Machine it comes with our free 8-Week Booty Gains Program, worth $99. This professionally-tailored program from our experienced in-house personal trainer gives you a structured yet flexible program to work with to make your booty gains.
Booty gains don’t have to be complicated. Our resistance bands can generate up to 150kg of resistance, helping you put the perfect force through your glutes for maximum gains.
You can make booty gains in 15 minutes with the Glute Machine and mix up standard hip thrusts with wide-stance hip thrusts and half thrusts. With three hip thrust variations and variable resistance, the Glute Machine works for everyone, no matter their level.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching beach-ready bubble butt or you just want to bust lower-back pain, the Glute Machine has got you covered.
Now you can do the best glute exercises in your home workout!
It’s suitable for any level, it’s easy to use and now it comes with an 8-week Booty Gains Program worth $99.
Don’t sleep on these booty gains!

· Booty Builder Machine

· 3 x 20kg Power Bands

· BackRest Pad

· Neoprene sleeve ( Hips protector)

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