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Extravagance when drawing, writing, and painting:  The Magic Pens provide creative DIY projects that work! Whether children or adults: carefree fun for everyone. You can not only paint and write on conventional paper but also on glass, acrylic, and other surfaces - these are really versatile!

The selection of shiny metallic colors allows you to create unique designs and fonts quickly. Pens can be used to paint beautiful photos, write birthday cards and create your own DIY projects.


Some good old-fashioned fun or a creative project can go a long way! Especially when trying to keep kids occupied. Well, our magic outline markers can do just that.

Your imagination is the limit! Craft and create amazing DIY posters and cards for family and friends, or simply just doodle and draw to destress after a long day at work. Our magic outline markers are fun for the entire family.

What colors are included?
Black, Purple, Orange, Light Blue, Pink, Dark Blue, Green, And Yellow.


For the best long-lasting results, store the makers horizontally and after each use make sure to re-cap the makers immediately.

Simply shake the maker well to ensure that the ink is fully mixed. Then take the cap off and press the tip of the maker onto your surface. Keep repeating this in a pumping action a few times to activate the ink until it starts to flow and circulate. As the image below demonstrates.

    We wanted to make our markers as safe and eco-friendly as possible. This is why we made sure our Outline Markers are made using the best ingredients possible, using our unique one-of-a-kind opaque xylene-free ink which is nontoxic and child friendly.

    Also, we made sure the markers can be used on all surfaces. Including metal, glass, wood, plastic, and even pottery. Allowing your creativity to run free no matter what the surface.

    The shiny metallic color selection allows you to create unique designs and fonts in no time. The pens can be used for painting beautiful pictures, writing birthday cards, and creating your own DIY projects.


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