Premium Magic Mop Cleaner One

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Can you imagine cleaning any corner of your home without having to stretch your body or get on any chair?

The CleanerOne feather mop has been designed to clean any corner of our home, where it is more difficult to access with a simple pass.

The Cleaner One mop extension helps to reach behind furniture and small corners, which is where most of the dirt accumulates throughout the year, being a source of dust

The CleanerOne Head is made of high fiber material. This material helps to adhere, dust and any type of small object such as sand and bread crumbs.

Its extendable handle favors that it can be introduced without putting the shoulders at risk and not needing any type of chair to climb and access higher parts of our entire house.

  • The regular use of the CleanerOne mop reduces by 35% the proposition of allergies within the home, derived from dust mites and pollen.
  • Removes 3 times more dirt than any liquid cleaning product.
  • Long-lasting Strength material, capable of withstanding force pressures greater than 20kg.
After each use, you only need to clean the top of the fiber and you can reuse it when needed, save on buying cleaning cloths and anti-dust chemicals.

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