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Do you have trouble falling asleep and wake up frequently with body aches?
Cloud Pillow has been tested and approved to correct your posture and relieve chronic back and neck pain. Its texture provides a restful night as if you were sleeping on clouds!

It gently hugs your head and neck, providing soft yet firm support that relieves any pain-causing musculoskeletal tension.

Advantages of Cloud Pillow:

✔ Auxiliary Pillow: With Cloud Pillow, you'll feel more like you've placed it on a soft cloud of comfortable material that can support your head, neck, and shoulders throughout the night.

✔ Egg Groove Design: The groove in the center keeps and supports your head and neck at an ideal height for sleep. The higher curves surrounding this groove help keep your head and neck in this ideal position so they don't wobble and get stiff or sore.

✔ Breathable: Cloud Pillow is so well ventilated that you won't sweat while you sleep. You won't feel the urgent need to quickly get in the shower and wash off excess sweat when you normally do.

✔ Fits any sleeping position: it is not necessary that you lie on your back, as the pillow is also suitable for side and stomach sleepers. After you lie down and choose your sleeping position, the pillow gently adjusts to the shape of your head and upper body.

✔ Healthy sleep: Cloud Pillow cradles and supports your head and neck by distributing the weight of these body parts evenly throughout the pillow. For virtually all sleepers, this will increase sleep comfort and help you achieve a sound night's sleep.

Product size: 48*30*13cm
Product weight: 245g
Colors: White, Grey, Dark Grey
Material: Cotton and Polyester
Design: Egg-shaped

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